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Today’s Groupon offers a KinderKraft 3-in-1 stroller in blue, beige or violet for £219.98.

The Specifics

  • Quick and easy-to -use folding system
  • Rubber front wheels, swivel and straight lockable
  • Shock absorbers on the wheels
  • Brakes with dual-rear-wheel clamp
  • Adjustable 6 positions height regulation of the handle for easy and comfortable carrying pram
  • Includes rain cover
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Upholstery and backrest removable and washable
  • Shopping spana-44-6">basket

Set includes:  Pram frame | Gondola | Stroller | KinderKraft Kiddy car seat 0-13kg | Shopping spana-44-6">basket | Case (underwear) to the gondola | Sleeping bag (to protect the child’s legs) to the pram | Tourist diaper bag

Pram with gondola

  • The large box with cover protects baby from the wind and sun
  • Windscreen and seat belt
  • Adjustable tilt gondola (three positions)
  • The bottom of the gondola has a soft mattress
  • Ability to tie-in the gondola front and rear-facing
  • Easy system of folding and unfolding the wheelchair for transport
  • For children weighing up to 9kg
  • Very lightweight pram (12.5kg)
  • Compact size when folded 22cm x 84cm x 47cm (H x L x W)
  • Dimensions for unfolded pram 112cm x 100cm x 63cm (H x L x W)

Push chair

  • Folding backrest from the sitting position to the lying position
  • Three-height adjustable footrest
  • Safety barrier
  • The vents on the sides
  • Folding canopy to protect from the sun
  • 5-point safety belts with covers
  • Stroller can be mounted front or rear-facing
  • For children weighing up to 15kg
  • Very light pram (11.8kg)
  • Compact size when folded 16cm x 86cm x 42cm (H x L x W)
  • Unfolded dimensions 124cm x 95cm x 63cm (H x L x W)

Pram with car seat

  • Three-point safety belts with easy adjustable, length and soft covers
  • Car seat
  • Insert for the youngest children
  • A comprehensive and lightweight shell with the highest quality materials
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle
  • Folding box with an additional peak
  • Baby Carrier function
  • For children weighing up to 13kg
  • Very light truck (11.5kg)

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