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The Treatment

What is HYPOXI Therapy?

Contained within a HYPOXI® machine, the client performs gentle exercise such as riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill. The machines expose the body to a combination of vacuum suction and compressive forces. There are a number of machines available, such as HYPOXI® Dermology, HYPOXI® Trainers and HYPOXI® Vacunaut, each targeting different areas of the body or different body shapes.

What happens at the sessions?

Initially, clients are given an explanation of what HYPOXI® is and a personalised consultation. Then, after completing a short medical questionnaire, clients get into their choice of HYPOXI® machine for the first of three (usually £125) or six (£250) sessions, each lasting around 30 minutes. It is recommended that a portion of low-GI carbohydrate is consumed one to four hours prior to the session, and clients must wear loose clothing and trainers during the treatment.

Is there anything else clients need to know?

For best results, the treatment should be combined with a healthy diet, though it is recommended that recipients do not perform any other significant exercise on the day of a session. A therapist will advise clients on healthy nutrition to help ensure optimal efficacy of the HYPOXI® treatment. Clients’ body circumference will be measured prior to starting the first session and again after a number of sessions.

Choose from the following options for HYPOXI Therapy:

  • £49 for three sessions (60% off)

  • £79 for six sessions (68% off)

The Merchant

HYPOXI® South Woodford is an authorised agent of the Hypoxi® method. The clinic boasts a large studio filled with a healthy supply of HYPOXI® equipment which is backed up by motivation and support to help its clients achieve the results they want.

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