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  • £39 for a Special Educational Needs (SEN) Advanced Diploma (80% off)

Course Content Includes:

  • Module One: Definitions and Key Principles of SEN 

Looks at the main theories of learning development, as well as personalisation and how it may benefit children with SEN. Also covers key principles of coaching and mentoring, assessment, and the role of parents. 

  • Module Two: Moderate Learning Disabilities 

Looks at the development of teaching those with learning disabilities, as well as definitions of key terms and understanding perceptions towards them. Assessment and effects of moderate learning disabilities are also covered. 

  • Module Three: Autism 

Outline the condition, and its effects as well as associated theories. Various interventions are also looked at, along with how they can help teach, as well as how to assess the needs of a child with autism. 

  • Module Four: Behavioural, Social and Emotional Difficulties

This module examines how children may be affected by social and emotion difficulties at school, as well as help understand behavioural areas. Various therapeutic approaches are also looked at.  

  • Module Five: Specific Learning Difficulties  

Understand core features of dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. This section also looks at good practice for teaching reading and writing, as well as how certain teaching practices can assist learning. 

  • Module Six: Speech and Language, and Global Communication Issues 

Look at various communication issues, as well as development milestones. Interventions will also be looked at, along with provision mapping and setting development targets.

Online Academies

Online Academies provide distance learning opportunities in a range of disciplines to allow students to study when and where they want. Courses range from animal care and calligraphy to garden design, working with students from children to wedding planners. Courses generally do not set strict academic criteria for involvement, with tutor support available to students via email.

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